National interest
The company shall be committed in all its actions to benefit the economic development of the countries in which it operates and shall not engage in any activity that would adversely affect such objective. It shall not undertake any project or activity to the detriment of the nation’s interests or those that will have any adverse impact on the social and cultural life patterns of its citizens.

Financial reporting and records
The company shall prepare and maintain its accounts fairly and accurately in accordance with the accounting and financial reporting standards that represent the generally accepted guidelines, principles, standards, laws and regulations of the country in which the company conducts its business affairs.

There shall be no wilful omissions of any company transactions from the books and records, no advance income recognition and no hidden bank account and funds.

The company shall fully strive for the establishment and support of a competitive open market economy in India and abroad and shall cooperate in the efforts to promote the progressive and judicious liberalisation of trade and investment by a country.

The company shall market its products and services on its own merits and shall not make unfair and misleading statements about competitors’ products and services. Any collection of competitive information shall be made only in the normal course of business and shall be obtained only through legally permitted sources and means.

Equal opportunities employer
The company shall provide equal opportunities to all its employees and all qualified applicants for employment, without regard to their race, caste, religion, colour, ancestry, marital status, sex, age, nationality, disability and veteran status.

Gifts and donations
Prodigy and its employees shall neither receive nor offer or make, directly or indirectly, any illegal payments, remuneration, gifts, donations or comparable benefits that are intended to, or perceived to obtain business or uncompetitive favours for the conduct of its business. However, a the company and its employees may accept and offer nominal gifts which are customarily given and are of commemorative nature for special events.

Political non-alignment
The company shall be committed to and support a functioning democratic constitution and system with a transparent and fair electoral system in India. The company shall not support directly or indirectly any specific political party or candidate for political office.

Quality of products and services
The company shall be committed to supply goods and services of the highest quality standards backed by efficient after-sales service consistent with the requirements of the customers to ensure their total satisfaction. The quality standards of the company’s goods and services should at least meet the required national standards and the company should endeavour to achieve international standards.

Third-party representation
Parties that have business dealings with the Weathercraft Group but are not members of the group such as consultants, agents, sales representatives, distributors, contractors, suppliers, etc. shall not be authorised to represent the company if their business conduct and ethics are known to be inconsistent with the code.

Use of the WeatherCraft brand
The use of the Weathercraft name and trademark owned by Weathercrafts ltd, shall be governed by manuals, codes and agreements to be issued by WeatherCrafts Ltd.

Ethical conduct
Every employee of the company, which shall include whole-time directors and the managing director, shall deal on behalf of the company with professionalism, honesty, integrity as well as high moral and ethical standards. Such conduct shall be fair and transparent and be perceived to be such by third parties.

Every employee shall be responsible for the implementation of and compliance with the code in his professional environment. Failure to adhere to the code could attract the most severe consequences including termination of employment.

Concurrent employment
An employee of a the company shall not, without the prior approval of the managing director of the company, accept employment or a position of responsibility (such as a consultant or a director) with any other company, nor provide “freelance” services to anyone. In the case of a whole-time director or the managing director, such prior approval must be obtained from the board of directors of the company.

Integrity of data furnished
Every employee of a the company shall ensure, at all times, the integrity of data or information furnished by him to the company.

Reporting concerns
Every employee of a the company shall promptly report to the management any actual or possible violation of the code or an event he becomes aware of that could affect the business or reputation of the company.