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Employee Policy


1. Your working hours commence from 10 AM

2. Weekly working days are Monday to Saturday.

3. During the period of your emplacement you shall follow and give effect to all orders, instructions and guidance given to you by your superiors and shall preserve and maintain perfect discipline at all times.

4. You are prohibited from disclosing Confidential Company Information, or allowing it to be disclosed, during the course of your employment with Company or at any time thereafter, to any person or entity outside the Company or to any employee of Company who does not have a business need to know, unless such person or entity is specifically authorized to receive such information by an authorized Company corporate officer and such authorization is given in writing.

5. You will be responsible for all the property of the Company directly provided or entrusted to your care and custody.

6. You are not allowed to Smoking or partake any alcoholic rinks or Non Vegetarian food in the office.

7. You will be expected to maintain discipline in the Office at all times. No religious comments or vulgar jokes will be allowed.

8. You will not interfere in any co-employees personal life or discuss your own personal life. You will not sign any letter / documents / money receipts, on behalf of the company, unless specifically authorized to do so.

9. You will not indulge in any activity which in unlawful, even if asked to do by the management under any circumstances.

10. You will not indulge in any personal work including personal Correspondence, email or downloads in the office, nor will you upload any Information / Documents / Programs from the office to any place / Server.

11. If you remain absent for any reason whatsoever for a continuous period of Two Days or more, without notifying the company, then in such an event, the company shall consider that have no intention of continuing with your Job and have resigned of your own free will and accord. Applying for leave:
a. For Reasons know to you beforehand, you will apply for leave before atleast 2 days.

For Sudden / Urgent circumstances you will be require to call the office within business hours.

12. You shall not engage yourself directly or through any agent in any work, business, profession or employment either Honorary or otherwise during the tenure of your employment with the company without informing and obtaining written permission for the Management.

13. You shall not employ yourself directly or indirectly to any organization involved in a similar kind of business as ours, during the tenure of your Employment and 2 years after you leave the job.

14. Your employment and its continuance is subject to your being found medically “Fit” at all times, by the company’s medical officer or any Medical officer approved by the Company from time to time.

15. All the information provided by you at the time of Selection is taken in good faith by the Management and if any such information is found incorrect or if you have concealed any important information then you shall be subject to appropriate action by the management including the termination of your Employment.

16. You shall not disclose any information for the company of regarding the clients of the company in any form or media to any outside agency or Individual.

17. No documents in any form including, Electronic Media, pertaining to the company or the work of the company shall be taken out of the office premises, for any reason whatsoever, without the written consent of the Management.

18. You shall not be entitled to more than 1 bonus per year subject to a maximum of Rs. 9999/- .