Medical Transcription
Legal Transcription
Business Transcription

Prodigy provides legal transcriptions of video and audio tapes for attorneys nationwide. Our legal transcription services will tremendously improve the productivity of your staff by freeing up their time tremendously. Your highly skilled, highly trained, highly paid staff shouldn't waste "your" time typing. They should be concentrating their efforts on more important and cost-effective responsibilities. When it comes to your legal transcriptions, leave the simple work to us!

Simply speaking ,instead of doing the whole typing work just speak what you want to type, on a microphone & send that voice file to us on an email & we will convert that into document file for you . you send us in the evening your time & we will work on our daytime that is the same date night for you & in the morning when you open your office you will find the printed papers as per your speech just ready on your printer ,awaiting just to clip them together.

  • General Correspondence
  • Letters to clients, other attorneys, judges, court clerks, agencies
  • Legal Pleadings
  • Interrogatories
  • Bankruptcies
  • Real Estate
  • Subpoenas
  • Briefs

Digital Transcription Services
Digital Dictation / Digital Audio Recording / Digital Voice Recording

Using our transcription services is so easy. Simply e-mail us your audio files from anywhere in the world, we'll transcribe them and e-mail the finished product right back to you.

Our digital transcription services utilize the most most advanced PC-based transcriber equipment and transcription software available -- giving us the ability to transcribe the widest selection of file formats, including:

All Standard WAV Formats

  • CCITT a-law and u-law
  • DSPGroup Truespeech T
  • Microsoft ADPCMT
  • Microsoft G.732.1T
  • MPEG Layer III
  • PCM (All formats)
  • Voxware Formats (Metasound, Metavoice, and streaming formats)
  • Windows Media Audio v1 & v2 (.wma and .asf)
  • Any non-proprietary format that links to the Windows Audio Compression Manager for Playback.
  • Non-Wave and Proprietary Formats w/Demographics
  • Voice IT Recorder SRI Format Files
    (Firmware Revision 66 and above)
  • Olympus Recorder DSS File Format
    (Olympus Models 2000/3000)
  • Digital Voice VoiceWave T Files
  • PCDart/BCB 'Wave" Format files
  • Philips Speech Mike (Executive Dictate) - All standard wave formats.
  • GearDictate Audio File Formats (.Zx and Wave Formats)

Your digital transcriptions can be received AND returned to you via: E-mail Delivery FTP Delivery With Secure Server Call Us Today and Discover How Our Digital Transcription Services Can Help Your Company.