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Prodigy provides both project development and consulting services. Our background in application development gives us an advantage in providing talented personnel for consulting and contract staffing.

Prodigy works with all major databases, including MS Access, Oracle, DB2, Sybase, and SQL Server, to name a few. We can provide expertise in all principal languages and development tools, including C, C++, .NET, Visual Basic, Visual Foxpro, PowerBuilder, Cobol, Fortran, Foxpro For DOS, Clipper and many others. Our experience spans all major platforms and operating systems as well, from DOS to Windows NT, to Sun, DEC, IBM, and beyond. Prodigy also provides services such as software testing, technical writing, and network administration


Products & Projects 
Economical, User friendly, readymade solutions for your specific IT requirements

Our creativity and technological edge is demonstrated by our ability to identify, successfully develop, and exploit exceptional business opportunities on the Internet. Internet/e-commerce presents a tremendous opportunity to build profitable businesses.



justGujarati.in is an online community for Gujarati\92s worldwide. It creates a bridge between those in Gujarat and those setteled outside Gujarat. justGujarati makes it easy to find and relate to other Gujarati\92s and to create and share relationships with them. The website has a lot of features like Scrap, Blogs, Classifieds, OnlineCommunities, Question-Answers, Current News, Quotes and Polls.


Prodigy (ERP)

Reasonably priced software for medium and small scale industries. It is a comprehensive Financial accounting, Inventory and Invoicing package for Large scale businesses specially suited to the Indian Style of Accounting, incorporating all reports for Income Tax, Sales tax, and Excise Duties according to the Indian Law. The Software is available for both DOS (Foxpro) and for windows (VB and MS Access).


Payroll System

Customized Software to Store employee detail, employee attendance and calculate salary for daily and permanant workers. Compatible with all requirements according to Indian Law. Here,we have used following features of Microsoft Access with VBA.

  • Opening and Closing Forms
  • The Form Module and Event Handling
  • Performing Common Tasks
  • Handling Errors at the Form Level
  • Working with Multiple Form Instances
  • Creating Report
  • Import Export File in particular format



Off the shelf reasonably priced personal accounting solution. Developed under MSDOS and also Visual Basic and MS Access.



A customer service, routing and dispatch control system developed for intracity truck fleets providing delivery and pick-up services. ROUTE 99 receives delivery and pick-up notices which are automatically routed using a unique routing algorithm for each city where the system is installed. Customer Service can inquire on the status of all shipments being picked up or delivered. Numerous performance and sales reports are available. In addition Mobile Dta interfaces and Platform Management Modules are available. Entirely developed using Java Technologies. The backend used is oracle 8i.



www.vravjis.com: An on-line shopping mall supporting e-commerce, it has a vast variety of products totaling nearly 15000. Easy navigation tools and and effective search makes it a very user-friendly site. Cash-on-Delivery(COD) and Secure Credit Card payment features were incorporated in this site.This site is developed in ASP with Microsoft SQL Server / Microsoft Access as the Back-End.


A website for environmental planning & decision-making.\A0
The website assists companies to streamline and automate environmental operations in the most cost-effective manner; maintain compliance with environmental regulations and minimize environmental liability; make environmental management decisions with best available information and tool.\A0 Database source being MYSql and the interfaces were equipped with JSP Specs 1.0.\A0 Has a Generic Wisedom Reporting Module, which generates reports in Adobe PDF format.\A0 Its also accomplishes the task of on the spot conversion of a HTML file to PDF files.


1. E-Shopping, E-Cards and Message Boards
2. Sales and Distribution\A0 of Concert Tickets

An Ecommerce Site. A fully integrated and comprehensive site offering Indian goods to visitors.\A0 The customers on visiting the site are presented an easily navigable menu to identify products. The Site has been developed with using\A0 JSP with the option of having either oracle of MYSQL as the Back end database.


A team of experts at our organization is currently in the process of developing a Planned Update and Maintenance System, a Business-Commercial Application.\A0 A system intended to assist Maintenance Managers and Engineers at large plants and factories,\A0 to carry out planned maintenance processes on heavy machinery functioning round the clock.\A0 The system generates work orders and other vital reports conducive to the methodical and organized supervision of the industrial machinery.\A0 The complete system is being built\A0 using Microsoft's ASP.NET technology complemented with the analysis being carried out using UML under Rational Rose. MS SQL Server serves as the back end database.


Complete solution for Supermarkets ranging from POS to Final Accounting.\A0 A back office system that provides the management easy access to retail data with innovative and user defined reports. Inventory is maintained online.\A0 The software features point-of-sale item maintenance, store receiving, host communications and sign and label printing.

The system's fail-safe architecture ensures that all data generated at the point-of-sale is captured \96 whether the system is operating online or standalone. System developed on Windows NT using Visual Basic and MS Sql Server 7.

Gujarati Master

The Gujarati Master has been devised as a language and culture package for children of Gujarati origin living under foreign skies. Through a host of animated characters, this multimedia expedition offers a pleasure trip into the heart of the language. Package developed with Visual Basic.







A package for adding special effects and backgrounds to pictures. Mainly used by editing studios for preparing theme Albums for occasions like Birthdays, Marriages and Parties. The Package comes with its own graphic library and the convenience of creating your own Library.






Complete Inventory control and Display package for Jewellers. A Graphics based\A0 package for display of the jewelers wares. Bill and Order printing can be customized according to each user\92s requirements. The package has been developed in Visual Basic with MS Access\A0 / SQL Server as the backend.





Telephone Diary

Flexible, light weight and easy to use Telephone Diary with dialer.





Contact Management System

Comprehensive Address Management and label printing system for personal as well as corporate use.






Comprehensive website about the Jains, Jainism and Jain temples and places of pilgrimage in Gujarat and India. Also has articles about Jainism and the complete Bhaktamar Stotra